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Arkebiz-PTC is a place for you to advertise your business and Arkebiz-People-Search is a place to search freely for people you want to find.

In previous times Arkebiz-PTC was a pay to click website that essentially nobody wanted to advertise in, but everybody wanted to be paid by.
You see nobody wanted to pay out any sensible money by advertising there, but basically they just wanted free advertising or advertising that was so cheap that  there would be no possible way that anybody running the website could actually earn the money to pay out to those that wanted it.
Yes I know we were told that our advertising was too expensive and our payouts too low and that we were scam.
But the real ones that are scamming are those that believe that a business can be run in which everything is free and the payouts are large.
We actually undertook to check out from both sides exactly what was going on tn the pay to click area by running Arkebiz-PTC
And so we found out that those that do all the most complaining are the ones that actually create the very scams they say that they hate so much, because they attract those who offer very large payouts to those who will pay a little to be in their gold or Platinum or JV systems, but in the end only a few chosen ones get paid and the bulk of them never get anything.
So beware my friends out there of those who go about presenting themselves as scam watchers but in actual fact are scamming you from ever realizing that you do have to pay out good money to get good business, and that you need to access properly what you should join as an actual paying member. You will never get anywhere by looking for all that is free, because it stands to reason that businesses cost real money to run, and they must be run for profit to survive.
So stop being scammers by complaining  stupidly about just about everything being a scam, and instead start looking to put together  a business that will cost you money to run and start preaching to people that they must be prepared to spend to be in any worthwhile business.
So let me put it straight to you that I would not want anybody seeking to advertize in my pages who does not accept the basic truth of what I have just said.
You see I do not want scammers here the ones that present themselves as scam watchers, nor do I want those who scam people by offering inflated payouts, but really plan only to pay a few. No I want myself only those who know that you have to spend sensibly to make money and that offering things for free is actually bad business in the end because they cost money in the first place
So Arkebiz.-PTC became instead a promotion site for good business sense and the PTC became Please Take Care instead of Pay To Click.
Now that Arkebiz- PTC is clear of controlled hosting system that it was in it  canbeggin to get about its reall business of being a Please Take Care webste instead.

Now Arkebiz-People Search is a very useful website because you can indead search freely for people you want to find, and learn about methods of searching and the dangers of searching that will fit different countries.
Obviously Arkebiz-People-Search is not a complete system to do searching, but as time goes by nw things are put in place and new ideas come from those who read and use that website.
Yes I know that there are business ventures presented in it, and yes I do not contol what happens there, but as people really wise up to what is going on, then instead of negative scam talk, instead we can move on to who we can really make fair businesses work for us..

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